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Centenary of Dreyfus Affair

Did you know that this year sees the centenary of the Dreyfus affair in France?  Alfred Dreyfus was a Jewish captain in the French army during World War I and in 1894 he was found guilty of treason despite his vehement protestations of innocence.  Very few people defended him, but one famous writer called Emile Zola wrote an incredible article called “J’accuse!” for the newspaper l’Aurore, accusing the French President and the army of a cover-up and anti-semitism.  He himself was sentenced to prison but fled to England until he was granted amnesty.  In 1899 Dreyfus was pardoned but he was only cleared of the charges in 1906 – 12 year after the case began!!

For the full story click here: Dreyfus affair


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