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It’s that time of year…

For all my GCSE French students click here for the GCSE oral timetable.

Here are some tips to be the best prepared you can be:

1) Revise things to say in the past, present and future on each topic

2) Revise the Passé Composé – you should aim to be able to look at ANY infinitive and say almost without thinking (!) whether is takes “avoir” or “etre”

3) Practice reflexives separately and say them rhythmically to help you get them clear in your head – je me lève, je me lave etc and je me suis levée, je me suis lavée etc

4) Listen to some French radio/ watch some French news on the internet the night before and/ or the morning of the examination – it will help to “tune” your ear in!  This is a great idea before the listening too.

5) Record yourself (especially your presentation) and listen back to it – scary but highly effective to improve your performance – especially to see how CONFIDENT you sound!

6) Revise some positive and negative opinions

7) Have some pronoun phrases and negatives up your sleeve to get some bonus marks

8) For the role play avoid using full sentences if you don’t need them – a mistake with the verb could cost you a mark unecessarily!

The exam itself :

The examiner will be listening to the tape to mark you.  He/she wants to hear what you can do – so show off!!  They don’t care about your nerves unfortunately so you might need to be a bit of an actor and sound as confident as you can.  An examiner’s job is very tough and boring so brighten up their day by telling them interesting stuff in an interesting way!


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