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Good Luck Year 11!

Tomorrow we will be waving a (temporary) goodbye to Year 11 as they go on study leave and mocks.  They will be sorely missed of course…  To help with the smooth running of the mock orals I have uploaded the TIMETABLE.

Here are a few other things you need to know:

* Arrive a few minutes early to prepare in the Languages Office (A block)

* You will be given 2 role play cards and you have 15 mins preparation time.

* You may write some notes on rough paper during this time, but you may not use them in the test.

* You may take notes/ cue card (one side of A5 maximum) prepared in advance, for use in the conversation section.

* You will be escorted from the prep room to the exam room (IT room near A11)

* Do not panic!  The most important thing is to communicate as best you can, and to experience what the exam is like.  Even if it doesn’t go brilliantly there is LOADS to be learnt from going through the process.  Plus you may do better than you think!!  And we’ve got lots of time to improve before the real thing.  If you don’t turn up the exam will still be a mystery to you and will be even more scary in the summer.

* We will start with role play A, then role play B, then the 2 conversation topics.

* Try to take a bit of control in the conversation – say as much as you can, then I won’t have to ask too many questions which could confuse you.

* I will do my best to phrase my questions in a way you understand, and to support you where possible.



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