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GCSE orals approaching!


As the orals get scarily close it’s time to turn our attention more closely to revising the topics.  For Edexcel Foundation you will be doing the A and B role plays first.  Then you will introduce your choice of topic.  Make sure you have plenty to say, and that you lead the way.  I will need to ask some questions too though.  You will gain more marks the more you have to say, and the more confidently you come across so choose your best topic and something you actually are interested in.  Lastly I will introduce a second topic – the exam board give me a choice of 2.  So make sure you have something to say on the other 4 topics.

Just to remind you, the topics are:

1) At home and abroad

2) Education, training and employment

3) House, home and daily routine

4) Media, entertainment and youth

5) Social activities, fitness and health

Over the next 5 lessons we will be revising one topic at a time, and the powerpoints will be uploaded on this site on the GCSE page.

Wishing you the best of luck. 


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