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Year 8 school assessment prep

Sorry Y8 I had some probs uploading the ppt.

Here you are


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Bonjour Year 8


J’apprécie vos commentaires et vos voeux, merci!

But now get on with your work lol!!!!


PS. Less fun being at home ill than being at school!  Off to the doc’s now.  Hope to be back tomorro tho 🙂  Au revoir!

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Year 9 revision

Sorry i’m not there today (Thursday).

Click on the link below for the revision sheet for tomorrow’s listening and reading assessment.  Please work through this carefully and thoroughly!!!!!

If you need further practice or support on the tenses, use then go to the grammar section.

Good luck!


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Year 8 work

Bonjour Year 8 – je suis malade donc je suis à la maison – Aïe j’ai mal à la tête, à la gorge, au cou, aux oreilles, je tousse et je suis très enrhumée!!  Quelle horreur! Bon, je suis absente aujourd’hui donc voici le travail…

Vous avez les ordinateurs portables, un pour deux personnes.

Visitez le site et >Francais > grammar > the present tense

Pratiquez les verbes.

Puis, regardez ce PPT et faites les activités.


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Year 11 Mock GCSE French oral exams


As many of you will be enjoying Eid on Monday, here is the revised timetable.


Please make sure you are ON TIME for you examination.

The FOUR topics to revise are:

1) House, home and daily routine

2) Social activities, fitness and health

3) At home and abroad

4) Media, entertainment and youth culture.

This is IN ADDITION TO role play phrases of course!  Click on this link to see role-play-guidance

Bonnes chances!

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