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Year 11 independent listening and reading

Dear Year 11,

Here are some links to great sites to help boost your French reading and listening comprehension grades.

Francais interactif – excellent American course offering a wealth of up-to-date videos and activities

French Steps – BBC course

Le Point du FLE – 1000’s of audio activities to choose from, including pop songs

Ma France – interactive video course from the BBC

Le Point du FLE Phonetique – Improve your pronunciation with one of these sites

Le Point du FLE – revise your grammar, anyone remember the present tense??

Learn French through songs!

7 jours sur la planete – current news videos with 3 levels of interactive questions



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Year 7 music homework

Welcoming my year 7 music class for the first time!

Here is a link to the song i’d like to you listen to and practise for next week – there will be prizes for the best performances…


Actions for each bit – bog = squat.  Tree = arms above head.  Limb = shake one leg.  Branch = one arm out.  Twig = pointed finger.  Leaf = open palm.  Nest = hands cupped.  Egg = fist.



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