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GCSE French

Welcome to the GCSE French page.  Here you will find resources related to the OCR and EdExcel GCSE French courses.

ORAL EXAM REVISION – Media, entertainment and youth culture

ORAL EXAM REVISION – Social activities, fitness and health

ORAL EXAM REVISION – House, home and daily routine

ORAL EXAM REVISION – At home and abroad

CV francais – Outline French CV

GCSE topics and Speaking grade descriptors

Education, Training and Employment model Q and A

Education, Training and Employment pupil grid

At home and abroad model Q and A

At Home and Abroad pupil grid

OCR Spec/ Encore Tricolore 4 overview

All Tenses Gridsheet

OCR Specification

Section 3 oral narration support

GCSE core vocabulary

Oral exam questions

GCSE Coursework markscheme



  1. Bonjour!

    I have listened to the Podcasts
    This is a very useful website 🙂

    Rachel x

    Comment by Rachel | October 18, 2006 | Reply

  2. This is very useful, especially the tenses sheet!

    Comment by Caroline B | November 5, 2006 | Reply

  3. This is a really useful website! Thanks Ms Hopkins!

    Comment by Francesca G | November 13, 2006 | Reply

  4. Hi!,
    I was just browsin the internet looking for GCSE French Podcasts and i came across your site! It is very informative and your tenses sheet really helped me! However i can’t seem to actually find your podcasts! please email me or comment back because i really need help on preparing for my french exam! Thanks Alot!
    Hana x x

    Comment by Hana | April 8, 2007 | Reply

  5. A*……..thank you for everything, you have been a great teacher xxxx stevie gay

    Comment by stevie gay | August 30, 2007 | Reply

  6. i got an A*! thank you for getting us all through our gsces =]. xxx

    Comment by sarah waterman | September 6, 2007 | Reply

  7. Hi Steph!
    I put in a search for OCR GCSE French and you were the second listing! Good luck in the new job.

    Comment by Joy Williams | October 1, 2007 | Reply

  8. Hey, thank youuu for sharing all your stuff :). They really help my revision. 🙂

    Comment by > | November 18, 2007 | Reply

  9. do u have any info on the role plays coming up? i would like to know for my daughter, she cant find anything on it.

    Comment by mum | April 20, 2008 | Reply

  10. Bonjour Miss Hopkins
    I have got your blog listed in my favourite blogs and tonight I was looking at your GCSE page and found the powerpoints very good and useful and would like to ask for your permission to embed them onto my blog ( I will give the source).
    Thanks for getting back to me
    IOW attender and big fan

    Comment by Virginie Rayner | November 11, 2008 | Reply

  11. Bonjour Madame Hopkins-Reid,

    Juste un petit message pour te remercier pour toutes tes idées fantastiques et tes supers presentations powerpoint qui me donne énormement d’inspiration!!! Me serait-il possible de télécharger ces présentations et de les utiliser au collège? Je serais très intéressée par celles dans la section GCSE sur les diffèrents thèmes de GCSE puisque je pense qu’elles pourraient énormememt aider mes élèves de Yr11 dans leurs révisions.
    En attendant de tes nouvelles,
    Amitiés – Seve xxx

    Comment by Seve | March 10, 2009 | Reply

    • Salut Seve
      Si tu cliques sur “view on slideshare” tu peux telecharger depuis ce site-la.
      Sinon je peux te les envoyer!

      Comment by shopkins | March 11, 2009 | Reply

  12. Thank you 🙂

    Comment by Joe | March 16, 2010 | Reply

  13. This website is so useful! I was freaking out a few minutes ago about the exam next week, but I feel a little bit better with all this help now!
    Thanks so much

    Comment by Jessica | April 5, 2010 | Reply

  14. you actual life saver!! thank you!!! x

    Comment by Sophie-anna | May 6, 2010 | Reply

  15. Excellent recource for GCSE French – thanks for sharing.

    Comment by Ollie | August 19, 2010 | Reply

  16. This was more than my friend told me about the site. I really impressed and got helped for my coming exams.
    GCSE Courses

    Comment by Irfan | February 15, 2012 | Reply

  17. Hi, really useful website, thanks. You might be interested in this link which demonstrates my French GCSE Edexcel Vocabulary App: for students revising for reading and listening exams?

    Comment by Heidi C. | October 27, 2014 | Reply

  18. […] GCSE French « SHopkins’ Languages Blog – Welcome to the GCSE French page. Here you will find resources related to the OCR and EdExcel GCSE French courses. ORAL EXAM REVISION – Media, entertainment and …… […]

    Pingback by Healthy Lifestyle French Gcse | We Get Healthy | November 10, 2014 | Reply

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